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HLSW Logo HLSW is a desktop software that facilitates online gamers the world-wide locating of game servers as well as game server owners or operators the maintenance and administration of their servers.

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HLSW Mobile (Android)

HLSW Mobile Logo HLSW Mobile for Android devices gives you the experience of the desktop application on your mobile phone. You can monitor and administrate multiple game server at the same time in realtime. Our knowledge of game server administration guarantee a high quality experience of game server monitoring and administration. Change rules, kick players or change map with a simple click. We are support more games then all other on a unique interface to provide a simple and easy access to your game servers.

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LogMod Logo LogMod is a game server plugin for the gold source engine (Half-Life 1 games)

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PocketHLSW is a Google Gadget designed for use with Google Personalised (iGoogle). PocketHLSW provides a simple interface displaying a quick list of filters that will find 10 servers that best meet your selection, in addition PocketHLSW allows you to view your buddy list and the latest HLSW news.

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